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The leading French exporter for CD, DVD, LP and multimedia

Founded in 1993 in the west of France, Multiwaves has grown out of many collaborations with all French majors and the majority of French independent labels.

The largest French exporter / The largest range

Multiwaves consolidates all of French productions and information from all French labels in one place. From rock to pop, from reggae to world, from international to French artists, from classical music to progressive music, we provide you the best French music and film selection (all formats - all musical styles). In addition to our general catalogue, we have developed for years an overstock and deletions catalogue of about 2.000 titles (cd, dvd, vinyl, multimedia).

  • - catalogue of 75.000 titles from all French majors and independent labels
  • - overstock and deletions catalogue of 2.000 titles with regular offers and updates
  • - exclusive distributed labels : from electro to hip hop, from rock'n'roll to progressive music...

An experienced worldwide one-stop as a single source

Through our long experience, we are able to satisfy the requirements of our customers with the most professional manner. We are equipped of advanced technology to comply with the demands of a highly sophisticated buying public, especially with the explosive growth of electronic commerce.

  • - access to new releases details through daily e-mails
  • - including all current special offers part of multiwaves
  • - a comprehensive selection of all French new releases (one file)
  • - downloadable databases through FTP or website
  • - daily updates
  • - instant backorder report and feedback on orders
  • - online ordering system
  • - instant information on the availability and price of any French product by e-mail (Account Manager) or on our website
  • - efficient shipping procedures
  • - door-to-door delivery at a reasonable cost inside the EU (check with us for US and Asia)